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Pediatric Acute Care Education


The Pediatric Airway Course

Designed specifically for physicians, this course recognizes that the need to secure a pediatric airway is a relatively uncommon procedure. As a result, it is a source of considerable anxiety for many practitioners. Content is delivered through both seminars and skills stations with a variety of airway equipment and intubatable mannequins. The focus is on securing the pediatric airway.


Key Topics and Learning Objectives

Indication for airway management, anticipating the difficult airway; selection of medications; sizing and correct use of airway devices.

After attending the course, participants will
1. Understand the differences between a pediatric and adult airway
2. Understand the indications for advanced airway procedures in children
3. Have an approach to pediatric rapid sequence intubation
4. Be able to select and place appropriately sized equipment


Pediatric emergency physicians, pediatric intensive care physicians, pediatric anesthetists.


Approximate length of course

One day

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